Welcome to the Seek & Delight Blog where we delight in decor! My name is Lucille and I’m the founder of Seek & Delight, an online decor shop based in South Africa. Here in these humble blog pages you will find many many beautiful things, things that will make you giddy, inspired and, well…delighted! Our home and work environments are an expression of who we are, how we feel, or who we aspire to be (fabulously French, effortlessly chic, minimalist, modern, vintage…you get the idea). Of course we can’t express every aspect of our personalities within our homes, because lets face it cohesive and beautiful trumps schizophrenic-chic any day, but that does not mean we can’t look, flirt, and daydream about the infinite possibilities of our self-expression. Your home may be mid-century modern, but you may wake up one morning feeling minimalist and zen, or rustic and Greek, or even Victorian and kitsch (yes, we’ve all had days like that!). So this is the place to indulge your multiple design personalities. Live inspired. Be delighted.
The Seek & Delight Blog is linked to the Seek & Delight Online shop, go have a squizz, its delightful!


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